Vox Drop 3D Animatable NFTs from Gala Labs

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Bring Your Vox NFTs to Life with Downloadable FBX

Vox are collectible, one-of-a-kind ERC721s, the industry standard in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are 3D, animatable, and have future utility. Following initial purchase, the user will receive an FBX file that may allow them to bring their Vox to life through animation, augmented reality apps, or 3D printing. 

What distinguishes Vox from other NFTs on the market is that, within the future, Vox are able to hook up with the Gala Games metaverse and produce VoxCoin for its owners through games, due to Gala Labs cooperation with Gala Games, the world’s largest blockchain gaming company. 

Each of the 8,888 Vox within the first series was inspired by the characters in Gala Games ‘Town Star’, and can have its own unique personality, appearance, and job. Each Vox purchase are going to be verifiably randomised, which suggests that a buyer won’t know which character they’re getting before they buy, nor will they know the rarity of their Vox until it’s revealed on Rarity Tools, with a more egalitarian buying environment and adding a part of surprise. 

Gala Labs

Purchasers will need a Web3 wallet that accepts ethereum, like MetaMask (ETH). The value of every Vox is 0.0888ETH plus the price of gas. “For quite your time, the Gala Labs team has been trying to find a way to integrate a collectible series into the Gala Games ecosystem so as to reward the community,” stated James Olden, Gala Labs Chief Strategy Officer. “What’s particularly intriguing about Vox is that we will include the FBX file as a part of the NFT, allowing the owner to programme and interact with their Vox.” 

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