Wanted Dead or Alive in the Sin City Metaverse

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International Cartel Gaming in the Sin City Metaverse

Gamers will be able to produce, enjoy, and commercialise virtual reality content and applications within self-contained economies that not only reflect but also have real-world applications, thanks to the Metaverse, which is built on Blockchain technology. The Sin City Metaverse will be an underground 3D open-world game with a plot similar to GTA or the Mafia console games, in which players can build their own international empires. Cities with a strong undertone of vice-like behaviours will be the heartbeat of this play to earn game. Metaverse explorers will be able to invent and carry out various crimes in order to become the ultimate KingPin.

The $SIN native token is the foundation of Sin City. In the play-to-earn idea, this is the in-game cash acquired through different criminal actions. This game takes place in a massive metaverse of 15,000 plots of land, which includes some of the world’s most spectacular cities, from Las Vegas bright to Rio de Janeiro’s carnival metropolis. If you’re lucky enough to rent or buy a lucrative plot of land, you can expand your empire to build more revenue-generating assets because each city owns its own underlying properties. The Sin City Marketplace, which lets you to buy and trade non-fungible items like exclusive avatars, has all of this.

Sin City begins as a 15,000-property-piece underdeveloped digital real estate project. As Sin City develops in accordance with the virtual city’s blueprint, the built urban environment begins to rise. Users can purchase and develop plots of land in the city using SDK kits hosted in the development arena.

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