Warner Bros Are Dropping Matrix NFTs for New Film


Matrix Resurrections NFTs Dropping Ahead of Film’s Debut

To honour the release of The Matrix Resurrections, Warner Bros. has announced a collaboration with NFT platform Niftys, in which the business will build a Matrix-themed NFT project. The first 100,000 non-fungible tokens will be delivered next month, in the form of a series of Matrix-inspired avatars that will be auctioned for $50 apiece, ahead of the film’s debut.

According to the company, the upcoming NFT drop will be the largest of its kind, allowing fans to purchase their own unique Matrix avatar and access the Matrix virtual world. Each NFT avatar will have distinct attributes, such as the ability to choose between a red and blue pill, in keeping with the original Matrix storyline. If they take the blue pill, the NFT’s character will remain in the Matrix, but if they take the red pill, their NFT will transform into a resistance fighter.

Matrix NFT'S

The popularity of NFTs has expanded, and they’ve proven particularly successful for entertainment companies like Warner Bros., who have increasingly embraced marketing techniques like these to attract customers and increase revenue.

Matrix NFT'S

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