Woodies NFT Makes Large Donation to Plant Nearly One Million Trees


Woodies NFT Sales Helps Plant Trees in Developing Countries

Artist collective Woodies NFT gave Trees for the Future (TREES) a historic non-fungible token (NFT) contribution through cryptocurrency, totalling 73.824 ETH (Ethereum) or $217,000 USD (USD). The gift is among the top ten largest charity contributions made by an NFT collective.

“We’re pleased to be a part of the expanding world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs,” says TREES Executive Director John Leary, “and we fully recognise the exponential potential this technology has in charitable giving, international development, and so much more. Thank you, NFT Woodies. This massive donation will have long-term consequences for both people and the environment.”

Woodies NFT Save Trees

TREES teaches farmers in impoverished nations the Forest Garden Approach, a sustainable agriculture technique. Farmers are given the skills, resources, and information they need to plant thousands of trees on their land, dramatically transforming devastated landscapes and boosting their income and food security.

“Because of the community’s strong focus on the environment and the opportunity to know that they are making an effective impact, the response has been fantastic, and the excitement to see the donation made is almost physical”, says Richard Powazynski, Woodies NFT Marketing Lead.

Woodies NFT by UltraDAO is a collection of 10,000 avatars. Thanks to one of the largest 10k project teams and an accomplished artist DAO, Woodies is creating a story-driven, sophisticated environment for users to engage, play games, and earn prizes through tree-inspired avatars. Woodies NFTs are purchased using the cryptocurrency Ethereum. With a storey centred on magical trees and an evil Logger, Woodies NFT pledged to donate 10% of profits to global forestry initiatives.

Woodies NFT Save Trees

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